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What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Classes ?

Find out the advantages and disadvantages of online classes given below. So let us check out its advantages and disadvantages to know more about online classes.

Some of the advantages of online classes in points are :

  • In online classes, it becomes easier to participate in a class
  • Easy access to field experts
  • Greater options and access to expertise
  • Access to endless online materials
  • Interactive live classes
  • Virtual classroom
  • Online exams and online practical labs
  • Able to see lecture multiple times
  • Flexible hours
  • Learn at your own pace, study at your own speed
  • The course is available all the time, with no travel time to and from campus
  • No timing, missed classes can be gained at any time
  • Comfortable learning environment
  • Online classes provide user convenience and flexibility
  • Online classes are very much suitable for students of all ages
  • Students are able to work full time at home while attending classes
  • Anytime, anywhere accessibility of online classes
  • Home comfort
  • Flexibility in students schedule, Multiple device access
  • In online classes learning in real-time is possible
  • The More convenient learning environment in online classes
  • More students can participate in the discussion
  • More choices in course topics
  • Advancement in career and hobbies
  • E resources and webinars during online classes
  • Online classes are cost effective
  • It is cheaper due to transportation saving
  • No need to commute, hence saving in time and money
  • Online classes is extremely affordable

Some of the Disadvantages of online classes in points are :

  • Lack of perseverance and problem-solving skills
  • Lack of self-motivation and computer skills
  • Lack of face to face interaction while studying during online classes
  • Lack of peer interaction studying online
  • Lesser social interaction as one has to study alone
  • Lack of encouragement during online classes
  • Real-time doubt clearance missing
  • Difficulties in the interface and new technologies
  • May face problem due to No hands-on experience
  • Time management is needed while doing an online class
  • Requires focus
  • Need to be self-disciplined
  • A Student has to work alone at home
  • Fun is missing during online classes
  • Human interaction with teachers missing.