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Internet - Advantages and Disadvantages

Internet points - Some Advantages & Disadvantages of Internet are as follows.So let us check it out details to know more about internet. 

Advantages :

  1. Internet is one of the biggest source of information.
  2. Internet is one the important sources through which one can quickly get information.
  3. Using Internet one can access millions of articles easily.
  4. On internet study material on any topic  is available.
  5. Online education is possible with the help of internet.
  6. On Internet Video chatting is possible.
  7. From internet - Free email service to any one around the world.
  8. Internet group discussion - People can discuss and share their ideas and views on internet.
  9. One can make friends on internet using social networking websites.
  10. Access News on internet.
  11. Live sports or other live events can be watched on internet.
  12. Over internet Online movies, Songs, Videos , Chatting is possible.
  13. Internet is Easy to use.
  14. With internet Anyone can publish information or articles online.
  15. Internet is cheaper, faster and effective way of communication.
  16. With one can Book tickets of hotels, flights or movies.
  17. Internet banking is also available now. No need to visit bank.
  18. Pay bills online over internet.
  19. Online internet shopping is possible.
  20. Marketing of business all over the world is now possible on internet to grow business.
  21. Internet: One can earn online by working on various online websites.
  22. Thousands of online useful applications such are Location tracking, Google maps, etc are available on internet.
  23. Promote your product on internet.
  24. Online games and other useful websites are available for entertainment.
  25. Over internet: One can share small or big files with others easily.
  26. One can download files, movies, games and other digital products on internet.
  27. Safety is increased because of watching online cameras which is attached at Stores, Companies, Market, Places, Hotels, Banks, Schools, Colleges  etc.
  28. With the help of internet online examination is possible.
  29. Technical support of various products to customers on internet.
  30. Online discussion forum on specific topic.
  31. Internet can be operated 24hours and 7 days a week
  32. Announcement , online survey or customer feedback is possible on internet.
  33. Relatively inexpensive and powerful way for publishing content online.

Disadvantages :

  1. Now a days people only meet on (Internet) social networking websites on internet. Face to face contact is reduced hence no direct contact with  friends and family.
  2. All information shared on internet is not 100% accurate. (Spamming)
  3. Sometime people spent more time on internet on surfing unusual websites which may affect their work or study.
  4. Theft of personal information on internet.
  5. Cyber Crime is common now a days on internet.
  6. Pornography videos or other inappropriate content on internet which may not be suitable for children.
  7. On internet Virus attack which may slow down your computer.