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Advantages And Disadvantages of Online Learning

Some Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Learning are discussed here. So let us check it out advantages and disadvantages to know more about online learning.

Some Advantages of Online Learning are:

  1. Direct access to lots of online training resources on internet.
  2. Time and the cost of travelling is saved.
  3. Various tutorials and modules are available and can be studied at your own time.
  4. Students can study anywhere at anyplace where the access of the internet on computer, smart phones or other smart devices is available.
  5. Student can clear his doubts by accessing other resources on internet.
  6. Student can veiw images, videos or ppts which helps to understand the subject effectively.
  7. No boundaries and no restriction on the study materials.
  8. Easy to update content of study material.

Some Disadvantages of Online Learning are:

  1. Student are far away from the instructors and other students , so they have to study alone.
  2. Sometimes instructors are not always available when the students are studying or  need help.
  3. Sometimes due to slow internet connection ,student cannot acccess the study material.
  4. Limited study material. Only the material which is uploaded can be veiwed by the student.
  5. Sometimes doubt cannot be made cleared at a time  due to lack of instructor or other important study material.
  6. Less instructional support is seen in online learning.
  7. Sometimes time required for downloading applications for study purpose.
  8. Internet Charges.