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Advantages And Disadvantages of Social Bookmarking

Some of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Bookmarking are discussed below. So let us check it out some of the advantages and disadvantages to know more about Social Bookmarking which are discussed one by one:

Advantages of Social Bookmarking are:

  1. Person often visits same website daily, Creating a social bookmark which is available on social network helps the users to access the website easily. No need to remember the name of all the websites you visited.
  2. Social bookmark availabe on office computer can be available automatically on your home computer.
  3. If you save large number of social media networking or other websites then it is easy to find the exact website you want from your social bookmarking network.
  4. Social bookmaring sites helps to  share files, documents, research paper or other multimedia files from social media networking sites.
  5. Social bookmarking sites helps to manage multiple accounts.
  6. You can easily share and promote your content or business via social bookmarking.
  7. Social bookmarking saves lots of time and effort for finding and organizing sharing websites.
  8. Social bookmarking allows people to share their favourite websites.
  9. Rich information and quality content can be created by pointing links to other relevant pages using social bookmarks.
  10. Sometimes it helps to bring back links to your page which may increase search engine visibility, popularity and traffic to your site.
  11. Social bookmarking is easy method and anyone can do it, no need for special training.
  12. Easy to find others favourite websites by social bookmarking.
  13. Bookmarking sites  like diigo allows user to annotate webpages.
  14. Social bookmarking helps to bring instant traffic to your site.

Disadvantages of Social Bookmarking are:

  1. Sometimes if you bookmark number of sites on social bookmarking network, then it takes some time to find the website if you do not know the name of the required website.
  2. You need to manage your social bookmarking account regularly to get continuous traffic to your website.
  3. Some social bookmarking site are not free, you need to pay monthly charges.
  4. Spamming - Sometimes tagging wrong information on social bookmarking sites may mislead user.

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