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Advantages And Disadvantages of Social Networking Service

Some of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Networking Service are discussed below. So let us check it out some of the advantages and disadvantages to know more about Social Networking Service which are discussed one by one:

Advantages of Social Networking Service are:

  1. Social Networking service is one of the effective way to promote your products and services.
  2. Social Networking services helps  to connect people with their family and friends online.
  3. It helps to share data and other useful information easily and quickly.
  4. It helps people to search jobs.
  5. This type of powerful social media helps to spread awareness on various issues around the world.
  6. Easy to share pictures, videos, files and other documents via social networking websites.
  7. Free advertising and marketing is possible on some social networking sites.
  8. Easy to promote and share your online content on social networking sites.

Disadvantages of Social Networking Service are:

  1. People often spends more time of social networking sites.
  2. Any one can visit and check  your profile on some social networking websites. Lack of privacy.
  3. Risk of fraud or identity theft.
  4. Need to update and share content often to engage customers.

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