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Internet Cable Network - Advantages and Disadvantages

Internet Cable Network - List of some Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet using cable network connection are as follows. So let us find out advantages and disadvantages of Internet via cable network.

List of Advantages of Internet Cable Network:

  1. High Internet speed compared to wireless Internet connection.
  2. Uninterrupted and stable Internet access.
  3. Due to high speed, Online games can be played or access of videos without any problem.
  4. Cable network do not requred telephone line hence no need to buy landline telephone connection.
  5. For Office with more staff cable Internet connection is preferred as constant internet access is available.

List of Disadvantages of Internet Cable Network:

  1. Costly as more wires or cables are required.
  2. Cable Internet connection is not available at all places.
  3. More than one device cannot be connected with single cable connection.
  4. You need to stick at same place where the slot of cable network is present.

These are some of the list of advantages and the disadvantages of using cable connection to access internet network


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