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Advantages and Disadvantages of Multimedia

Some of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Multimedia are as follows. So let us check it out some information on advantages and disadvantages to know more about multimedia.It is a combination of different types of media which includes text, audio, video, graphics, animation etc.,

Advantages of Multimedia

  1. Increases learning effectiveness : Multimedia uses images, audio, animations and other media which stimulates the brain and increses learning. Both attention and retention of student increases. Students can identify and solve various problems effectively using multimedia
  2. More appealing over traditional :Multimedia content is more appealing, more attractive and able to engage more people (Audience or Reader). People prefer multimedia compared to traditional media as it contains rich information.
  3. Improves personal Communication :Multimedia improves interpersonal communication. Multimedia increases communication efficiency, effectiveness and potention to communicate message or information.
  4. Reduces training costs :Multimedia reduces the time it takes to learn and thereby it reduces cost. Multimedia can reduce the cost of training department in various ways.
  5. Easy to use : Multimedia is making easier the things let they can easy understand. Content is easy to draft using different types of multimedia.
  6. Provides high Quality of Presentations : Multimedia contains interactive videos, audio and other visual content which increases the quality of presentation. Students expect multimedia presentation while learning.
  7. User Friendly : Multimedia improves user interface and it is easy to use. Information in text, image or audio form can be possible to promote information.
  8. Give information Cost : Multimedia gives an opportunity to influence the presentation  by adding information.
  9. Give information to individual : Multimedia uses combination of different content and gives rich information to users. It uses infographic or audio and video to give detail information to individual.
  10. Multi Sensorial : Multimedia is a multiple sensorial media, it makes to inclusion of layered sensory stimulation possible and interaction through various kinds of sensory channels.
  11. Integrated and Interative :Multimedia is easy to integrate and makes it interactive.
  12. Entertaining and Educational : Multimedia is not only used just for advertisement but also useful for education is schools as well as for entertainment.
  13. Creativity : Multimedia creativity is very easy and effective if all kinds of media are integrated with each other.
  14. Cost Effective : Multimedia is cost effective in online teaching, it reduces cost of training and other extra expenses.
  15. Wide variety of Support : Through multimedia channels wide variety of support is available.
  16. Trendy : Modern design and multiple media helps to create trendy multimedia presentations.

Disadvantages of Multimedia 

  1. Misuse of Multimedia : It becomes difficult for teachers to monitor students, some students may play games or surfing web pages and may not focus on their studies
  2. Lost in cyberspace : People may waste their time on surfing unnecessary information on internet and may not focus on important issues.
  3. Non Interactive : Multimedia may be less interactive. Teachers teaching students may be more interactive compared to videos or internet teaching students
  4. Text intensive content : Lot of information is available on internet so it takes time find out the information which is needed.
  5. Time consuming : Effective multimedia content takes time while creation. 
  6. Too unrealistic : Large files such as audio or video effects , the time multimedia takes to load your presentation.
Multimedia Pros Multimedia Cons
More appealing Misuse of Multimedia
Improves Communication Lost in cyberspace
Easy to use Non Interactive
User Friendly Time Consuming
Cost Effective Too Unrealistic
Quality Content Text Intensive Content

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Explore more Information

Importance of Multimedia

Some of the Importance of Multimedia are as follows. So let us find out its importance to know more about multimedia. It consist of audio, video, graphics, text, animations etc., There are many advantages and disadvantages for more information.

Points on Importance of multimedia are:

Advantages and disadvantages of multimedia Training

Check out the advantages and disadvantages of multimedia training listed below. So let us find out its advantages and disadvantages to know more about multimedia training:

Advantages :

  1. Multimedia is interactive and self paced.
  2. Consistency of delivery and consistency of content is seen.
  3. Immediate feedback can be taken from users.
  4. Unlimited geographic accessibility
  5. Multimedia appeals to multiple senses, It also contains build in guidance system
  6. Privacy , It can test and certify mastery


Top uses for Multimedia

Some of the uses for multimedia are as follows. So let us check it out top uses for multimedia listed below.

  1. Multimedia is a powerful way to inform, entertain and maket to people. There are several advantages and disadvantages given to learn more about multimedia.
  2. Major delivery mechanism of the multimedia presentation mainly includes CD ROM and DVD, the internet, computer, games and displays.
  3. The top uses of multimedia are for education and training, for presentation, entertainment and sales and marketing.

Advantages and disadvantages of web based multimedia

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of web based multimedia are given below. So let us find out information of web based multimedia and its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages :

  1. Web based multimedia can address a variety of learing styles : Auditory learners, visual learners, kinesthetic learners
  2. Material are more enjoyable and interesting in web based multimedia
  3. Using web based multimedia many ideas are easier to convey.

Disadvantages :

Multimedia Disadvantages

Some of the disadvantages of multimedia are listed below, So let us find information on its disadvantages to know more about multimedia.

  1. Lack of structure
  2. Text intensive content
  3. Lost in cyberspace
  4. Non interactive - in one way - no feedback
  5. Sometimes time consuming
  6. Little bit complex to create
  7. Linear content
  8. Cognitive overload

Different types of Multimedia

List of different types of multimedia are below. Also check some advantages and disadvantages to get more information on multimedia in detail.

  1. Online multimedia : A product that needs to communicate with distant users and sometimes distant resources (mobile services, websites etc.)
  2. Offline multimedia : A self contained product which does not communicate with anyting outside its immediate environment (Multimedia kiosks, DVD, CD)
  3. Hybrid multimedia : This type of multimedia has elements of both online and offline products such as computer games.