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Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Learning for Students

Check out Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Learning for Students discussed below. So let us find out some advantages and disadvantages to know more about online learning for students.

Some of the Advantages of Online learning for students are:

  • Online education facilitates students to study the subject of choice for free, in their own time and own pace of study. 
  • Online educaton is convenient and one of the effective method to learn new things.
  • Easy availability of resources and study material hence it becomes easy for students to access the material easily and quickly.
  • Fequent and timely feedback is possible while online training, ultimately saves time.
  • No restriction on study material, anyone can access, it serves students from various backgrounds and age ranges.
  • Tution fee for online learning is cmparatively lower than the traditional method of teaching.
  • Online learning enhances students technological skills.
  • Online education is interactive and relevant and it also improves student independence.
  • The method of online education is engaging for students as it involves both audio as well as video way of teaching.
  • Online learning is not only cost effective and time saving but it also has large target base.
  • Online learning encourages sharing as well as higher knowledge retention is possible.
  • Students can learn anytime and at anyplace if students have mobile phones or computer with proper internet access.

Some of the Disadvantages of Online Learning for Students are:

  • Online teaching offers very less or no human interaction hence person cannot learn the subject properly.
  • Online teaching cannot cope thousands of students who try to join discussion.
  • Quality of online learning is directly linked to the money schools or colleges are willing to invest in it.
  • Requires computer access, proper internet access and basic computer skills to learn online effectively.
  • Online learning does not suits all learning, some prefers reading books.
  • Online teaching lacks problem solving skills and perserverance.
  • Instructors on internet may not be available always when students needs help while studying.

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