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Internet Book Holidays - Advantages and Disadvantages

Submitted by frndzzz on Mon, 01/12/2015 - 16:58

Internet to Book Holidays - Advantages and disadvantages. So let us see some points on advantages and disadvantages of the internet for hotel booking or Flight booking for holidays.

Some points on Advantages of Internet for booking holidays are as follows:

  1. Using Internet you can choose best hotels and can compare rates.
  2. Internet is an easy and quicker way to book airlines and hotels for holidays.
  3. Various discounts and offers on hotels and flights are available if you book online on Internet. 
  4. You can check the images and can compare the reviews of the place you are going to stay for holidays.
  5. Lots of websites are available which provide holiday package at cheaper rate.
  6. Easy method of payment by debit cards , credit cards or Netbanking for booking holidays using Internet.
  7. Unnecessary expense such as paying to travel agent can be avoided by booking online on Internet.

Some points on Disadvantages of Internet for booking holidays are as follows:

  1. Sometimes during holiday season this websites charge comparatively more for hotel booking.
  2. Sometimes online booking cost extra charge for booking hotels or flight.
  3. Some hotels do not pay back if you want to cancel your booking.
  4. The hotel or the place you are going to stay may not be exactly same as you saw in the pictures during online booking.
  5. Fixed price for holiday package , you cannot bargain.



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  • No need to go for ATM if we need money urgently
  • Book Flight tickets
  • Book railway tickets
  • Book hotels
  • Can build credit rating
  • Record keeping (Credit statement)
  • Online Shopping
  • World wide acceptance
  • Global method of payment