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Computer in Education

Why Computer Education is very Important now a days for students and for others?. So let us find out role of computer in education and why it is needed in today's world.

Importance of Computer Education are as follows:

  1. Computer helps to store information and other useful data during education.
  2. Access to internet is possible with the help of computer in schools and colleges for Education.
  3. Better presentation of information is possible using computer.
  4. Computer is one of the brilliant tool which helps in teaching.
  5. Quick and effective method of learning by watching videos and pictures on computer for education.
  6. Distance education is possible now a days with the help of computer.
  7. Various computer software are available for better presentation of information.
  8. Computer improves creativity and presentation skills during education.
  9. Educational games are also available on computer for education.
  10. Easy to access and store data on computer.
  11. Computer is also useful for research of various articles available on internet.
  12.  Computer allows students to access more information to gain more knowledge in Eduation.
  13. Computer is one of the effective method to present seminars.
  14. Online education or online conference is possible using computer for education.
  15. Easy to transfer information all around the world.



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