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Advantages and Disadvantages of Teamwork

Some Advantages and Disadvantages of Teamwork are as follows. So let us check it out some information on advantages and disadvantages to know more about teamwork. Also read other similar articles.

Advantages of Teamwork are as follows:

  1. Improves Productivity : Teamwork helps to improve productivity, profitability and employee satisfaction by sharing ideas, opinions and interpersonal skills.
  2. Improves Creativity : The creative problem solving is seen using the inputs of the individuals in the team. Greater creativity and innovation can be achieved.
  3. Distribution of Work load : The responsibility can be shared or distributed among the individuals of the team to reduced the work load.
  4. Quick Solution : Teamwork allows to generate multiple ideas for solving various problems and makes easier to resolve issues.
  5. Diversity of Ideas at workplace : Teamwork provides a large pool of ideas.
  6. Better and Effective Decision : Teamwork helps to improve the quality of decision making.
  7. Motivation : Commitment among teams enhances and stimulates motivation, performance and attendence.
  8. Learning : There is an interaction among teams, enhances learning and knowledge among teams. Opportunity of learning from others for working as a team.
  9. Higher quality input : Teamwork shares expertise and skills and helps to achieve quality work. Increases profits and product quality.
  10. Less cost and time : Work is completed faster and effectively. Less time is wasted.
  11. Commitment : Team members commit to support each other.
  12. Communication : Teamwork helps to improve communication and interpersonal skills. Improved communication among staff.
  13. Coordination : Interaction and coordination among the members of the teams enhances the knowledge of the whole team.
  14. Mutual support : It helps to achieve mutual support and learning on different problems.
  15. Increase the trust : Teamwork helps to improve the team relations and increases trust among the team members.
  16. Positive work environment : By appreciating team members, listening to innovative ideas and building trust on your team meambers allows to create positive environment at workplace.
  17. Continuity of work : If the member or individual leaves the team then the work of the project continues during teamwork.
  18. Greater control over the task : Members of a team works together to complete taks assigned.
  19. Greater job satisfaction : Better information sharing and work is often more happier and enjoyable at workplace.

Disadvantages of Teamwork are as follows:

  1. Lack of competence :  Sometimes during teamwork lack of ability to do specific work is observed among the team members.
  2. Conflicts : Sometimes conflict is developed among the members of a team.
  3. Difference in opinions : Some members have difficulty in accepting ideas that differ from their own ideas or opinions.
  4. Some individuals in a team are not compatible with the assigned team work.
  5. Unwillingness to participate : Sometimes the team members do less work than other members of the team and do not participate much.
  6. Unequal participation : Teamwork may lead to an unequal participation of individuals in a team. 
  7. Difference in work style : Sometimes teamwork may slows down the problem-solving process because of disussion and disagreements.
  8. Task ambiguity : Due to poor work planning among the individuals the task remains incomplete.
  9. Poor readiness to work : Sometimes a team may take longer time to produce desired results.
  10. Social Loafing : People working together may exert less effort to achive a goal but when they are kept alone they might work more, hence social loafing is observed in teamwork.
  11. Sometimes one person's negativity may demoralize the entire team. 

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