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Technology in Education

To know the Importance of Technology in Education let us check it out some of the information of education which are given below. Some of the points on education are discussed one by one.

Importance of Technology in Education are :

  1. With the help of technology, teachers can share their ideas and views online with their students.
  2. Study material can also be shared online for education.
  3. Research skills can be developed by using technology.
  4. Now a days online learning is one of the effective method in education.
  5. Learning becomes more interesting using technology in education.
  6. Technology also improves skills  (Communication skills , presentation skills etc.,) in education.
  7. Students can work, learn and collaborate with other people living in different locations.
  8. Laptop, Tablet or mobile phones can be used to store educational information. No need to carry books.
  9. Technology helps students to learn quickly and easily.
  10. Distance education or distance learning is possible with the help of education.
  11. Easy to watch educational videos and pictures with technology.
  12. Seminars and better presentation is possible with the help of technology.
  13. Online conference is also possible using technology.
  14. Technology not only saves time but also it is one of the powerful tool in education.