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Health Education

Some of the information on Importance of Health Education are given here. So let us find out points on educating people about health, which are discussed one by one.

Importance of Health Eduation are given below:

  1. Health education develops various skills and positive attitude about health.
  2. Health education teaches us about mental, physical, emotional and social health.
  3. Health education motivates students to maintain and improve their health.
  4. Health education also teaches us how to prevent disease.
  5. Health education warns us about various bad habits such as chewing tobacco, alcohol consumption etc., to protect body.
  6. Skills such as Decision-Making, Problem-Solving improves by health education.
  7. Health education makes person mentally and physically healthy.
  8. Health education increases ability to learn and grow intellectually.
  9. Health education also improve ability to control emotions.
  10. Health education is very important because it gives an opportunity to know how to take care of themeselves.
  11. Health education spreads awareness to keep family and society healthy.
  12. Health education gives more informatio about diet and excercise to live a healthy lifestyle.



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