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Points on Importance of Balanced Diet

Some of the Importance of balanced diet in points are as follows. So let check out its importance to know more about balanced diet.

Balanced diet and its importance is given below:

Humans need to have a healthy, balanced diet that includes all of the major food groups, in order to provide the essential vitamins and minerals, and the right balance of acid and alkali, required to function properly.

Because healthy brain regularly consumes DHA and arachidonic acid and because these fatty acids become imbalanced in a disease state, it is important to balance the levels of these fatty acids through daily meals.

A. Balanced diet is defined as a diet that provides adequate amounts of energy, macro- and micronutrients, so as to cater to the daily requirements as well as the requirements of growth, repair and maintenance of the body.

The diet should have three objectives: (1) it should allow the patient to reach and maintain ideal body weight; (2) it should be well balanced, with fruits, vegetables, and whole grains; and (3) it should be restricted in sodium, saturated fats, and refined carbohydrates.

A healthful and balanced diet provides recommended amounts of nutrients and other food components to promote normal growth and development, reduce chronic disease risk, and foster appropriate energy balance and a healthy weight.

A good and balanced-diet consists of all the nutrients required for the metabolism, viz., carbohydrates, protein, oils and fats, minerals and vitamins in right proportion as per the needs of different age groups.

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