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English Language

Article on Importance of English Language in Education. Some of the points on why english language is needed in education are discussed here one by one. So let us find out more about education.

Importance of English Language in Education are:

  1. English is the official language in large number of countries, so in order to communicate with them, learning english language is important in education.
  2. Large volume of books are published in english, so to get more information learning english language is necessary.
  3. English language will helps us to enjoy movies and music published in english.
  4. Most of the content available on the Internet is in english language.
  5. In order to get more business worldwide , the knowledge of english language is important.
  6. Most of the research papers are produced in english language, so to study science and other subjects more effectively knowledge of english language is must during education.
  7. Easy to reach more and more people worldwide with the basic knowledge of english language.
  8. People of different culture speaks different languages, hence knowledge of common language (eg.,English Language) helps them to communicate easily and effectively.
  9. English language is easy to learn.
  10. English is also important for career development.
  11. With good understanding and proper communication in english we can travel around the world.
  12. During Job interview communication skills are checked. More chances of selection if he can speak english fluently.
  13. In order to access more knowledge, to enjoy the art like never before and to push your career forward, english language is very important in education.

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