What is Tooth Crown Lengthening Cost?

The information on crown lengthening cost is as follows. So let us find out what dental crown is and how much we need to pay for tooth crown lengthening.

What is dental Crown lengthening?

Dental crown lengthening a surgery or a treatment used to improve dental health. In this type of treatment excess gum tissue is removed by dentist or Periodontist. Treatment helps to prevent tooth decay and this type of surgery takes about less than 2 hrs. If you have uneven teeth or excessive gums then this type of dental surgery can improve your dental health.

The cost of dental crown lengthening varies and it highly depends on where you live. It starts from $500 for first tooth, while dentist charges more than $1000 at some places. In order to know the exact price you can contact your nearest Dental Clinic or Cosmetic dentistry by visiting website or by booking an appointment.

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