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Medicinal Uses of Amla Plants in Points

Check out Medicinal Uses of Amla plants in Points which are discussed below. So let us find out some points on Medicinal uses to know more about Amla Plants.

Medicinal Uses of Amla Plants are :

Amla Plants can be used to stimulate Appetite.

Amla plants can also be used for diarrhea, dysentry and hemorrhage.

Amla plants can be used as an antioxidants as it contains vitamin C and polyphenols

They are also good for heart , eyes and brain

Amla also improves immunity and gives physical strength

It can also be used as a cooling agent to reduce the effects of sun burns and sun strokes.

Amla also cures insomnea and also good for health

Amla reduces blood sugar level and enriches hair growth

Amla also posses anti ageing properties and also supports liver function

Amla also increases red blood cell production and nourishes the brain

It also strengthen nails and promotes lean muscle mass