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Importance of Education

Some of the Importance of Education are discussed here. So let us find out some of the points related to education to know more about education which are as follows.

Importance of education are given below:

  1. Education explains us the meaning of our life and makes us understand who we are.
  2. Education helps and makes responsible and better citizen.
  3. Education helps to tranfer useful information from one generation to another generation.
  4. If a person is educated then he has the power to change the world and can achieve his goal.
  5. Education helps us to understand various activities going around the world.
  6. Education helps us to differentiate what is good and what is bad.
  7. Educations opens our mind and expands our thinking power.
  8. Education helps us to understand our culture.
  9. Education tells us how to live and how to survive in this world.
  10. Our productivity , creativity and various skills improves with proper education.
  11. Decision power increases with education.
  12. Education spreads awareness and helps to make better world.
  13. Education helps to make our life more easier and nobody can make fool educated people.
  14. One can prevent loss and can make right decision with proper education.
  15. One can become a good doctor, teacher, engineer, or a  businessman with good education and can serve human being.
  16. Educated person will get a job very easily.
  17. Knowledge increases with continuous education.
  18. Education helps to improve prosperity of the society.
  19. With education we gets a  lot of benefits in this competitive era of globalization.
  20. Education helps to remove the darkness of ignorance.
  21. It also helps to stop superstitious beliefs and makes people understand what is right and also explains us with logic.
  22. We know that educated people are considered highly reputable in the society, education helps us to gain more respect.
  23. Education makes the world more safer and peaceful.
  24. Education is very important for the economic growth of the nation.
  25. Education also makes you self dependent and helps to turns your dream into reality.
  26. Education is very important for happy and stable life.
  27. We can also say that education is the backbone of everyone's life in the era.
  28. Also we can say that education is the solution of any problem.
  29. Education stops corruption, terrorism and much more.
  30. Education also explains our fundamental rights.
  31. One can say that education is the key to success.
  32. Education makes people healthier.
  33. Not only education helps us to earn money but also helps to save many lives.

Last but not the least , we can say that person without knowledge is just like a car without petrol or a mobile phone without battery. Education is the only key to achieve or gain more knowledge.

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Full Form of RCT

RCT - Root Canal Treatment

Other full form of RCT are Randomized Clinical Trials, Reverse Conducting Thyristor and Royal Corps of Transport.

so let us find out other meaning of the given terms.

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Steam engine


Steam engine is a heat engine in which a hot steam is used that converts the heat energy into mechanical energy. Sliding piston is present in the cylinder which moves by the expansion action of the steam which is generated in a boiler. Coal, wood or other combustible material are used as a source to produce steam in a boiler.

Process Validation Types Revalidation

Fourth type of process validation is Revalidation. It is performed to check the performance of the various process parameters, some of the points regarding revalidation are as follows. So let us have a look on revalidation:

Any part of process or entire process parameters are validated in order to check the performance of the process parameters.

To maintain the validated status of equipment, facilities, or manufacturing process , revalidation if often carried out.

Relax your mind by Watching TV

Watching TV offers various types of advantages for example, It gives updates about surrounding world.

"It offers various Benefits which will help us directly indirectly to boost our knowledge.

We can get lots of information from it. All members can sit together and can enjoy tv by watching social channels, favorite movies and live programs.

There are some educational channels which teaches children about many useful things which may not be taught in school.

Full Form of TDS

TAX Deducted at Source (TDS) is one of the mode of collecting Income Tax in India which is deposited in the government treasury, it is the revenue collected at the source of income.(Other full form of TDS is Total Dissolved Solids , which is a measure of combined content of organic as well as inorganic substance in a liquid such as water.)

About Azadirachta Indica for hair using neem oil

Neem can be used for hair related problems. Azadirachta Indica (neem) and other parts of the neem are useful to prevent dandruff, hair loss and to prevent grey hair. The neem based cream  can be applied on the scalp before going for bathing to treat dandruff.  Various shampoo and other products made of neem are also available in the market to prevent dandruff, hair loss and to keep hair healthy.  It can also be used to prevent scalp related problems which keeps scalp healthy. Neem oil is mixed with almond oil and coconut oil  keeps hair healthy.

Advantages and disadvantages of Chromatography

Chromatography is simple method. Chromatography can be handled by single person.

Other advantages are, Chromatography is used to separate components from complex mixture.

Different types of chromatography equipment are available for separation of different compounds.

Some of them are Gas Chromatography, Liquid Chromatography, Solid Chromatography, High performance liquid Chromatography, Solid liquid Chromatography, Liquid liquid Chromatography, Thin layer Chromatography. This method gives accurate results.