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Importance of English Language Essay Points

Let us find out Importance of English Language Essay Points given below. So check out some information on importance of english language and essay points to know more about it.

Some of the importance of English language essay points are :

A language is instrument by using an individual may be able to convey his emotions to another individual. So for the aim of communication a language is needed. The place that a language occupies in other states is largely based on the cultural, political, economical standing of its implanters and their own quality of culture and progress made by them in the arena of science and engineering. The English language is a vital language of the planet it is of the mother tongue of two innovative nations of the planet America and Great Britain. Now it's accumulated the status of international language. 

It's now the language of international communication, but English is almost a language of management, science, literature and diplomacy. English possesses a rich language, variety of reflection and rich literature and civilization. William Shakespeares dramas are compendium of knowledge and wisdom. English helps us to comprehend and enjoy master heads not only of English, but people of other languages such as Zola, Brlzrc, Tolstoy, Cervence, Bores Pastemack, Goete, Maxum Gorky, Dante, Aristotle, Scorates and others. English language has universal usage and allure as a language of science and engineering. Creating and poor countries can't afford to run independent research all the vital fields of science such as agriculture, business health and communications etc. 

These states have a gloomy low stage and standard of scientist and finance. They borrow mostly from English, because it's source in all of these fields. The wealthy English speaking countries conduct pricey researches and poor countries easily borrow. Furthermore fast developing science and engineering in the arena of space, computersgo on coming and introduce new words which only Language can absorb. Therefore we may not cut ourself of the body from word knowledge by giving up of the study of Language we run the potential danger of knocking off the bottom our college education for which we mostly draw upon its resource and hospitality. We might develop ourself economically, politically, economically and socially through Language language. Our development in the arena of science and technology may be possible if we learnt to talk, read and write English language.