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Importance of Trees in Points

Some of the Importance of trees in points are as follows. So let us check out points and its importance to know more about trees.

Importance of trees in points are:

  1. Trees provide a number of provisional and regulatory ecosystem services that are beneficial to humans and other plant and animal life.
  2. Trees also offer numerous other benefits (e.g., reducing pollution, increasing energy efficiency)
  3. Trees are important resources and still serve as major energy resources in many developing countries.
  4. Trees play a vital role in regulating the earth’s atmosphere, ecosystems, and increasing in weather systems
  5. Trees also have cultural importance: trees are connected to notions of health, protection, beauty, and sacredness.
  6. Today, the utilitarian value of trees is still important, as sources of fodder, fruit, timber, fuel, and so forth, but they are also increasingly recognised as the source of enormous environmental benefit.
  7. Trees are grown for different reasons by foresters, horticulturists, and arborists, and the kinds of physiological problems that are of greatest importance to each vary accordingly.
  8. Trees have important magical and energetic properties over and above their contributions to the material side of an ecosystem.
  9. Trees also provide other goods and services at various stages of their lives.
  10. Trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere for photosynthesis and thus help to regulate the natural greenhouse effect.
  11. Trees maintain life and, like many animals, they are witnesses to the condition of our environment.