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Importance of Discipline - Why Discipline is Important?

Check out Importance of Discipline Discussed Below. Discipline is an action taken by person to help, correct or shape itselp or other person.It also relates with self control, confidence, Humor, Orderliness, responsibility, tolerance, Service, Truthfulness, ambition, acceptance, cooperation perserverance and commitment.

Some of the points on Importance of Discipline are as follows:

  1. Moral Values & Core Values : Parents, relatives, teachers and elders of the family helps us to understand discipline as it is an essential part of life. Discipline is learnt in the early stage of life and it is a continuous process.
  2. Key to Happiness : Self discipline and happiness are directly related to each other. Self disciplined people are happier, it helps them to make right choices in life.Self control is about conflict management.
  3. Positive Attitude : Discipline can be considered as commitment linked with physical, verbal or mental actions helps to achieve positive attitude. Both attitude and discipline can be controlled if people believe in their capabilities.
  4. Good Behavior : If proper relationship is maintained with children then it becomes easy to make child disciplined and it also helps to keep the behavior of students or children on track.
  5. Self Control : People with high degree of self control are considered as self disciplined and it keeps them stable in any phase of life.
  6. Consistency : Both discipline along with  consistency by setting proper goal is a key to health and fitness. 
  7. Character Building : Discipline helps students to build self control, moral growth and to respect others and it also reflects their character. 
  8. Cleanliness : Strict discipline is very important to maintain cleanliness in their daily life, need to follow certain principles in the life.
  9. Commitment : Discipline and hard work is required along with  commitment to achieve major goal.
  10. Confidence : Self confidence is a combination of self-discipline and self-defense Confidence comes from training and discipline.

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