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Environmental Education

About the Importance of Environmental Education is discussed here. So let us check it out some of the information on education to learn more about education which are as follows.

Importance of Environmental Education are as follows:

  1. Environment education gives us information about surrounding (atmosphere) in which we are living.
  2. Environmental education teaches us how natural environment functions and how human beings can manage the behaviour of environment and ecosystem in order to live sustainably.
  3. Environmental education is the combination of different subjects such as biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, ecology, geography, earth science and environmental science.
  4. Studies of environmental education makes us aware about various issues such as Global Warming, Environmental Pollution etc., and the solution to these types of environmental problems.
  5. Environmental education increases students engagement in science.
  6. Environment education teaches us to care for the environment.
  7. Environmental education motivates people to  participate in environment improvement and protection.
  8. Skills of  identifying and solving environmental problems are developed by environmental education.
  9. A society cannot survive if its natural resources are rendered unfit for use by its people. Environmental education tells us how to use natural resources efficiently.
  10. Provides Information on behaviour of various organism on earth under natural condition
  11. Environmental education is needed  to protect children which are living in polluted regions.
  12. Environmental education is required to improve quality of environment.
  13. Environmental education provides critical tools to study environmental changes and problems associated with it.
  14. Waste management and pollution control information.



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Educational Technology

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