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Environmental effects of pesticides

Some points on environmental effects of pesticides are as follows. Also check out some advantages and disadvantages to know more about pesticides. Pesticides increases yield and productivity of crops but it also comes with certain drawbacks which affects the environment. 

Some environmental effecsts of pesticides are :

  • Pesticides enters into the atmosphere through evaporaton, drift and wind erosion
  • Pesticides can reach the earth's surface via precipitation and dry deposition
  • Pesticides can reach a great distance in the atmosphere
  • Pesticides may affect the life of birds, fish , beneficial species and beneficial insects
  • It has an ability to contaminate every part of the environment
  • The use of pesticides may decrease the general biodiversity in the soil
  • It may also affect the soil micro-organism and the soil fertility
  • Pesticide may enter to the food chain and bio magnification

Some advantages of pesticides :

  • Pesticides are used to kill unwanted weeds and plants which are grown in the field.
  • They are used to protect food grains which are stored in godowns
  • Pesticides helps to reduce food losses
  • Pesticides helps to increase the yield and productivity of crop plants
  • They protect standing crop in the field from pests and other harmful insects.

Some disadvantages of pesticides :

  • The pesticides use is hazardous and poisonous which may have toxic effect on childres. 
  • Sometimes residues of pesticides remains in food which are harmful to the body
  • Pesticides can easily enter into soil, river and contanimate the ground water
  • The chemical used in the pesticides may released in the air and pollute the environment
  • Pesticides may harm wildlife and people
  • Promotes genetic resistance