How does Recycling reduces Pollution ?

Let us check it out some of the points on how recycling helps to reduce Pollution ? Some of the information related to recycling in order to reduce pollution are as follows :

We know that various types of products or materials are manufactured now a days and lots of waste products are generated which causes air pollution, water pollution as well as soil pollution.During the production of raw materials lots of energy resources are also used such as Oil, petroleum , water , other fossil fuels and various other chemicals  which may cause pollution. For example if paper are made directly from  trees for the first time then it may create more air pollution and water pollution. 

Recycling is a process in which old materials or products are re-used as a raw material during production of various products or materials. If paper is recycled from used papers then it make create less air pollution and water pollution. Using products made from recycled materials not only helps to clean waste products but helps to generate less pollution. By reusing items such as  plastic, rubber, tins, aluminium and other products they do not end in landfill which may generate water pollution, air pollution or soil pollution.Recycling helps to redusce the need to harvest new raw materials and ultimately reduces pollution. Also know about advantages and Disadvantages of recycling.



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