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What are the Pros and Cons of Boarding School ?

Some of the Pros and Cons of Boarding School are discussed below. So let us find out brief information on Pros and Cos to learn more about boarding school. Education is provided to the students who lives on the premises during boarding school, it is exactly opposite of the day school. In order to send children to a boarding school we need to consider various factors which might affect their education, So find out advantages and disadvantages of boarding school discussed below.

Pros of Boarding School :

  1. Various skills such as leadership and discipline are taught in boarding school.
  2. Boarding helps to provide quality education.
  3. Students become independent in boarding school and it also teaches how to compete and achieve goals in life.
  4. Boarding school teaches to respect others and also helps to become a better person.
  5. Boarding also prepares students for university life.
  6. Social experience is better observed in boarding school.
  7. Personal attention to students is paid in boarding school.
  8. For personality development various types of extra activities is carried out for students.
  9. Better sports facilities is observed in boarding school.
  10. Highly trained and qualified teachers are hired in boarding school to provide quality education.

Cons of Boarding School :

  1. For some childrens boarding school may not be right choice.
  2. Boarding schools are usually expensive than other types of school.
  3. There is minimal lack of parent involvement in boarding school.
  4. Sometimes students gets frustrated in boarding school due to homesickness.