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Advantages and Disadvantages of Recycling

Some of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Recycling are as follows. So let us check it out few information on advantages and disadvantages to know more about recycling.

One of the major reason of recycling is to prevent the pollution caused by various materials such as plastic, metals, paper, aluminum, glass, rubber etc., There are chances of air pollution, land pollution and water pollution if proper waste disposal and waste management is not carried out. Garbage collection and reducing waste materials in the environment may helps us to keep environment clean. Recycling process allows us to reuse paper waste, plastic waste, aluminum waste and other materials.

Benefits : Recycling of materials helps to reduce consumption of energy, protects environment by reducing the amount of waste to landfills, reduces chances of global warming and conserves natural resources.There are environmental as well as economic benefits of recycling.

Reduces Pollution : Now a days the waste generated by Industries is one of the major cause of pollution. Recycling of various Industrial products such as paper, plastic, cans, aluminium, metals, chemical products, rubber etc., helps to reduce the level of pollution. These type of materials can be re-used by the process of recycling and hence it helps to reduce pollution.

Conserve Natural Resources : The raw materials used to manufacture fresh material uses lots of natural resources such as wood, fossil fuel, coal , minerals, oil and other resources. If already used materials are recycled then then we can cut down the cost and production of raw materials, recycling process allows us to conserve various useful and important raw materials and protects our natural habitat from depletion. By conserving this type of natural resources such as fossil fuel, petroleum, water, oil , water etc., will help us to preserve our natural resources. 

Reduces Global Warming : Lots of industrial and other waste products are burned which produces various harmful and greenhouse gases such as CO2 and CFC's. Recycling helps to minimize burning of these products by re-utilizing those products to prepare new products and ultimately reduces the harmful effects of gases on environment. Recycling helps to reduce global warming as it produces very less greenhouse gases and helps to keep environment clean.

Reduces Consumption of Energy : We know that large amout of energy is consumed during manufacturing of raw materials of any product which uses lots of resources. Recycling not only helps to reduces consumption of energy by re-using the used materials but also cut down the cost and time of production of various materials.

Protects Environment : During production of any product or any material, various natural resources such as wood, coal, Oil etc., affects the environment. During production of paper , lots of trees are cut down which affects the forest and various other natural resoruces. Recycing helps to protect environment by re-using used materials and also helps to protect natural habitat.

Create Job Opportunites : To protect the environment from the harmful effects of waste products, Government has taken an important step to clean those waste materials and utilizing it for recycling. As a result various job opportunites are created to keep environment clean and protect natural resources.

Advantages of Recycling

  1. Paper recycling reduces the use of energy and the emission of greenhouse gas in the environment. Recycling of paper not only saves water but also landfill space.
  2. Metals such as aluminium, copper, steel , zinc consumes large amount of energy and natural resouces, The recycling process of metals saves natural resources and reduces the cost of production.
  3. There are thousands of household products made up of plastic.People often uses plastic bags and plastic bottles.Plastic waste may harm the environment. Recycling of plastic is relatively cheaper and easy, plastic recycling will reduction consumption water, petroleum and other natural resources and prevents soil pollution and air pollution.
  4. Material from a ballpoint pen, aluminium cans, bbc bitesize can also be recycled.
  5. We know that recycling is the process or utilizing old and waste products to make new products.
  6. To reduce the production cost, Various materials such as polymers, textiles, terylene, titanium, tires, tin, timber,  polystyrene, polyethene can also be recycled.
  7. It is hard to find the raw material and spare parts for various electronics such as mobile phones, computers etc., So recycling of electronics is a good option to meet the daily requirement of products.
  8. Recycling of nuclear waste,used nuclear fuel, organic waste and solid waste helps to reduce the heat and toxicity of byproducts and proper waste management will help to save energy and to protect environment from its harmful effects.
  9. In some areas water is not available in sufficient amount, so in this condition people often recycle greywater or used water to survive.
  10. We know that resources such as wood and other fossil fuels are limited so recyling helps to save energy and natural resources.
  11. People started using materials from the used cars during manufacturing of new cars.
  12. Both on-site recycling and off-site recycling are important.
  13. Burying waste in landfill sites is commonly used practiced for waste management but it also adds some amount of  pollution. To solve this problem Incinerations method of waste disposal is used now a days to keep environment clean.

Drawbacks: There are several pros and positives of recycling but some negative impacts,downside, limitations and harms of recycling are also available.

Disadvantages of Recycling

  1. Recycled materials are made of waste products or trash materials. So they are not of good quality, available at lower rate compared to standard one and lasts for a shorter period. 
  2. Sometimes during garbage collection process the cost of storages, transportation and cleaning of waste products increases hence it is not cost effective.
  3. The place where garbage, rubbish or waste is dumped is unhygienic for humans, there are chances of presence of harmful chemicals which may cause disease.
  4. Sometimes separate factories are needed to establish for processing of reusable products
  5. Eventhough we know various advantages of recycling it is not carried out on large scale.




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