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Importance of Water Resources in Points

Find out Importance of Water resources in points discussed below. So let us check out why water resources are important.

Some of the importance of water resources in points are:

  1. Water resources helps to regulate climate, it shapes earth's surface.
  2. Water bodies are habitat for humans, animals, plants and marine animals.
  3. Water is very important for agriculture, cleaning, cooking food and various activities.
  4. Rain is an important sources of fresh water and only 3% of fresh water is found on earth.
  5. The amount of fresh water is limted so water resources needs to manage properly.
  6. Water resources and various types of sources of water which is very useful form humans.
  7. Water resources can be used for various purposes such as industrial, agriculture, recreationa, household and various environmental activities.
  8. Sources of water can be Rainwater, Surface water, impounding reservoir, river and streams, Tanks, ponds, lakes, Ground water, shallow well, deep well and spring water. 
  9. Management of water resources is very much impotant to make effective use of it.