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Email Education Students - Advantages and Disadvantages

Email Education Students - Find out Advantages and Disadvantages of Email for education students. So lets us see some advantages and disadvantages of email in education which is useful for students.

List of Advantages of Email for Education (Students):

  1. Lecture details and the changed scheduled can be informed to students by email.
  2. Research articles can be sent to students by email.
  3. Study material can be provided to all students easily by email.
  4. Powerpoint presentation and other useful information can be shared within students using email.
  5. Now a days many Schools or Universities provides free wifi internet access to students. In this case email is an effective and easy way of communication in education.
  6. Easy submission of the written work by email.
  7. Email is fast, economic and effective communication medium where students and teachers can share information.

List of Disadvantages of Email for Education (Students):

  1. Not all students have smart phones or laptop to access internet.
  2. Student need to check email regularly for regular updates.
  3. Students have to reply teacher's or professor's mail.

These are some of the advantages and the disadvantages of an email in education useful for students.


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