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The Significant Health Benefits of Watermelon

The Health Benefits of Watermelons are very diverse bearing in mind the fact that this is a very good summer fruit. Some of the benefits that are associated with it to your health include prevention of diseases like impotence, mascular degeneration, heat stroke, heart disease, diabetes, as well as cancer to mention just but a few.

Many questions have been raised in the recent past on why there is so much cravings for this fruit! In the first glance, this fruit seems like nothing much other than a ball of water that is cut into a wedged shaped item. In any case, it is widely known the fact that during a hot day in the summer, a chilled wedge of the watermelon is highly refreshing. This fruit has the scientific name Citrullus Lanatus. There must be variety of reasons why thousands or even millions of people flock to grocers during the summer season to acquire this fruit. This is why it can be really hard to narrow our thoughts into one reason, there are a variety of reasons.

The native origin land of Watermelons is Southern Africa. It is on this location where the wild varieties have grown in plenty. They range from the sweet watermelons to the bitter ones. There are also variations of size from the smallest to the largest fruits. This fruit comes from a vine-like plant which is flowering. The normal grown fruit in most parts of the world are juicier and larger- this is what, most of us are familiar with. It’s out rind is green and large whereby it appears freshly; this part is rarely eaten. The interior part comprises of soft, pink or red fresh that contains seeds- it is this part of watermelon which is typically eaten.

When it comes to the assessment of the  Health Benefits of the fruite Watermelon, it will be highly dependable on which type or variety of watermelon that one is considering and as well the ripeness of the fruit at hand. Once the watermelon is ripe completely, Lycopene and Beta-Carotene are normally bio-available. It is also advisable to consider eating some of the rind of the fruit- you shouldn’t be afraid on the same. Fiber and roughage are particularly present on the rind part of this fruit. This has some nutritional factors.

Nutritional Values  of Watermelon

The lengthy list of beneficial effects or watermelons are derived mainly from its nutrients which are unique, minerals, vitamins as well as organic compounds. There are some significant quantities of vitamin C, protein, fiber, magnesium, and calcium as well as potassium in large portions. It is also ideal to mention the fact that this fruit has got some small amounts of thiamin, niacin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin A as well as carotenoids. It is these components which contributes to the major health effects of the fruit to our body. Let’s explore the Benefits in detailed lists below:

Prevention of Heat Stroke

Watermelons acts effectively in the reduction of both the blood pressure and temperatures of the body. This fruit is eaten by high numbers of people in the tropical regions on a daily basis during the summer seasons to offer them with protection from heat-stroke. The high water content in the fruits also causes stimulation of excess liquid release through your skin, in the form of sweat, this assist in cooling your body during the summer days which are hot.

Kidney Disorders Prevention

As mentioned earlier above, there are high amounts of potassium contained in the fruit. Potassium is very helpful in that it assists in washing-out most of the depositions of toxic in the kidneys. On the other hand, this mineral also assists in the reduction of uric acid concentrations in the blood. This factor thereby reduces the chances of formation of renal calculi and kidney damages. The fact that the fruit has a lot of water content is helpful to the body in that it will induce frequent urination which assists in cleaning the kidneys. Watermelons also have got some anti-oxidants that ensure good health of the kidney for a long time. This is through the reduction of aging which is premature like age spots and skin wrinkles.

Prevention of High Blood Pressure

In terms of bring down the pressure of your blood watermelons are highly beneficial, the high quantities of magnesium and potassium in fruit assist on the same. Many health researchers have considered potassium a vasodilator- which implies that it acts by releasing arteries and blood vessels tension. This in turn, stimulates the increase of blood flow and thus reduces the stress that could have otherwise been imposed on the cardiovascular system. Also, the presence of carotenoids in watermelons assists in the prevention of veins and artery walls hardening. This helps in the reduction of blood pressure. It also assists in the reduction of atherosclerosis, heart attacks, stroke as well as blood clots.

Prevention of Diabetes

Most patients, who are diabetic, have been heard complaining often about starvation from their staple foods due to the fact that they are supposed to have low sugar and energy diets intake. This implies that they often find themselves half feed. Watermelons act as their best supplement. This fruit is sweet despite the fact that 99% of the edible internal part is water. The potassium and vitamins minerals in the fruit also assist in the proper performance of insulin in the body- this in turn assists in the lowering of blood-sugar levels.

Cancer Prevention

In the recent years, watermelons have been at the eyes of the public. This is basically due to their impressive levels of lycopene which is a carotenoid phytonutrient compound. This compound has been in the recent years linked to the prevention of cancer. In the recent past, Lycopene has been linked with the reduction of cancer risks which are associated with endometrial, ling, colon, breast and prostate. Watermelons act as very great anti-cancer fruit with the impact of lycopene and its Vitamin C anti-oxidant potentials.

Kick to your love life

Arginile, which is a mineral that is present in watermelons, is very useful in curing ED (erectile dysfunction). The stimulating factor of this chemical highly assist in boosting libido and also in the same instance reduces frigidity. This will easily give a kick to your love life after enjoying some watermelon slices together.

Other Health Benefits of Watermelon include the assistance of proper functioning of the body internal organs, the secretion system and as well as the eyes.