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Teacher Interview Questions




Question No 1:Why do you want to teach?
Question No 2:What is the philosophy of education explain?
Question No 3:If students are having difficulty learning the concept the what will you do to help him?
Question No 4:Describe your style of teaching.
Question No 5:Would you like to be involved in school (community) activities?
Question No 6:What do you plan to be doing in five years? What are your career goals?
Question No 7:Describe your student teaching experiences.
Question No 8:What was your biggest problem in student teaching? How did you resolve it?
Question No 9:What three words would your students sue to describe you as a teacher?
Question No 10:-How do you individualize your teaching?
Question No 11:What techniques would you use to keep students actively involved and motivated during a lesson?
Question No 12:What are the rules of your classroom? How are they established?
Question No 13:What are the qualities of an excellent teacher? - Which of these qualities do you have?
Question No 14:Some of your students always finish their assignments quickly and fast then How would you deal with the free time that they have?
Question No 15:How would you work with students who are weak in studies, especially those from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds?
Question No 16:What coursework have you taken that you feel has made you an especially competent teacher?
Question No 17:How would you use teacher aides and parent volunteers?
Question No 18:Are parent or teacher conferences important?
Question No 19:Why do you want to work in our district?
Question No 20:What materials have you used that you find most effective for the slow learners? The quick learners?
Question No 21:Why should our school district hire you?
Question No 22:Describe an ideal classroom.
Question No 23:Describe the types of quizzes and tests which you will give to students.  what types of evaluations compose your quarterly report?
Question No 24:If A student is consistently late to your class then How do you handle the situation?
Question No 25:What would you do and how would you handle a student who refused to do the work you assigned?
Question No 26:How would you handle a student who continually "acted up" in your class?
Question No 27:How do you engage a parent in the education of his or her child?
Question No 28:How should a student's educational achievement and progress be measured?
Question No 29:What do you expect from your supervisor? Your Principal?



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