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Why is Homework Important ?

Points on the importance of homework are discussed below. Homework helps students in various ways, it has both advantages and disadvantages which can give more information about the homework.

  • Homework helps students to review and practice what they have covered in the classroom
  • It helps students to prepare for class the next day
  • Homework helps to learn to use resources such as reference material, libraries and web sites.
  • Students can explore more subjects which doing homework
  • Homework extend the habit of learning by applying skills they already have to new situation
  • Homework encourages students to learn various skills while completing their task, reports or science projects
  • Students learns to manage time and meet deadlines 
  • Homework develops positive attitudes and good study habits


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What is the Purpose of Homework ?

Some of the points on various purpose of Homework are given below. So let us find out importance of homework in order to know more about homework.

We have seen that teachers assign lots of assignments which consists of problem solving writing, or reading that students have to complete after class generally at home.

We can see that the main purpose of homework is to recall subjects which was taught in class and sometimes objective of homework is to get extra information which was not taught in classroom. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology in Education

Check out Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology in Education discussed below. So let us find out some information on advantages and disadvantages to know more about technology in education.

Some of the Advantages of Technology in Education are :

Technology in Education enables students and teachers to learn and teach anytime and anywhere.

Technology helps or facilitates the updating of educational material

Technology allows interaction between students and teacher easily and effectively.