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Applications and Uses of Computers

Computer is an electronic device which is used in various fields in our daily life. Computer consist of Central Processing Unit (CPU), Input Device, Output Device , Auxiliary memory and main memory. Motherboard is one of the most important part of the computer.

Uses of Computers

  1. Computer in Schools.and Colleges for better and effective education of students.
  2. Computer is an effective tool for quick communication between teachers, students and parents.
  3. Computer system to monitor or measure,pulse rate, body temperature and can alert medical staff about any serious condition of patient.
  4. Computer  in Banking sector.
  5. Computer to measure climatic changes.
  6. Computer to record stastics, chat online, take notes while working and attending a sports event.
  7. Computer helps students to improve the quality of their academic research and written work using internet online.
  8. Computer is a medium to use Internet which is one of the popular marketing tool now a days.
  9. Computer is useful for distance learning programs.
  10. Computer in supermarket for shopping clothes,electronics and various products using internet.
  11. Computer allows friends to interact with each other over social media websites such as facebook, twitter, Google plus using internet.
  12. Computer to playand enjoy online games.
  13. Computer aided learning is a kind of process which uses information technology to enhance the teaching and learning process.
  14. Computer to listen music.
  15. Computer to watch photos and videos.
  16. Computer to send and receive instant and quick messages by email using internet.
  17. Computer for looking up information by storing information on computer..
  18. Computer for writing assignments.
  19. Computer in business, many stock exchanges uses computer to conduct bids for business.
  20. Computer for E-commerce
  21. Computer is used for defence.
  22. Computer for tourism.
  23. Computer in engineering and robotics
  24. Computer in at home for Entertainment by watching movies and playing games.
  25. Computer for communication by using social networking websites with the help of  internet connection.
  26. Computer in space programs.
  27. Computer in service sector.
  28. Computer helps to locate restaurants and other locations.
  29. Computer helps to find a doctor or a pharmacy on internet.
  30. Computer  helps to book air-tickets and railway-tickets.
  31. Computer helps to conduct online examination and to get instant results.
  32. Computer helps to prepare better presentation of information.
  33. Computer for documentation using computer softwares.
  34. Computer can also be used for computing with a speed of million calculations per second.
  35. Computer for education and training.

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Full Form of LPN,MBBS

Licenced Pratical Nurse (LPN) works under the guidance of Registered Nurse.(Other full form and meaning  of LPN are also available) So check it out other articles related to the given term.  

Two years of training is usually needed to became Licenced pratical nurse in some countries.

MBBS - Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of surgery (Degree awarded by medical  school).

What is the Full Form of MRI?

MRI - Magnetic Resonance Imaging

It is also known as nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, and magnetic resonance tomography.

MRI is a medical imaging techniques which is used in radiology to check and investigate the anatomy and physiology of the body.

MRI Is used to investigate disease from a human body.

It is used to check the structure of bones and joints of the body, tumors, structure of heart and much more.

Disadvantages of Wind Power

The strength of the air is not constant all the time hence the turbines will sometime flow very speedy while sometime no rotation at all .

So some time more electricity while sometimes no electricity.

For large turbines more land is required where the air flow at all time is available.

This wind turbines are noisy will produce some noise while rotation.Large wind farms are needed to produce enough electricity.

Process Validation stages continued process verification

Third stages in Process Validation is Continued Process Verification, Some points in process validation during continued process verification are as follows, So let us see one by one all the points:

The main goal of continued process verification in process validation is to ensure that the process remains in a state of control during manufacturing of commercial products.

The data is collected and evaluated in order to determine process variability.

What is mean by NGO ?

NGO is a non profit organization which is operated independently from the government and helps poor, childrens and senior citizens. Full form : Meaning of (NGO) is Non-Governmental Organization. It is involved in various activities such as collecting funds and helping people, providing food and medicines to poor people, helping humans to make a better society. NGO is very important for rural development in any courntry or in any community.