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Advantages And Disadvantages of Communication

Advantages and disadvantages of communication are given below. Let us check it out some information on advantages and disadvantages to know more about communication. We know that communication helps us to share information by speaking, writing or other medium such as telephone, mobile phones, Internet etc.

This type of marketing communication helps us our business to grow by increasing sales and services of products by sending promotional messages on  radio, magazine, television, telephone, social media etc., Marketing Communication also improves the relationship between organisation and customer. Marketing Communication is one of the importance strategy used by the company or individual in order to communicate with the market to increase branding of the products with the help of multimedia and other medium.

This type of business communication can be International or an international in order business. It is similar to Marketing Communication. There is an exchange of ideas and opinions or other type of information and messages between two person or organisation. The main objective of business communication is to promote product and services and Organisation for making more and more sales. Basically there are two types of business communication first one is internal communication and second is external communication. Exchanging of information within an organisation is known as internal communication. And the other one is external communication in which there is exchange of information with the people outside the company. 
Communication can be used for several reasons such as exchanging of information, exhanging of opinions, exchanging options, making plans and proposals, Executing Decision agreement, sending and fulfilling orders, and conducting sales.

Nowadays communication is very important for teachers as well as students in classroom and colleges. In order to improve knowledge, the communication plays an important role in education process with help of technology. For example email helps to connect students, teachers, parents and staff for better communication. Various websites are available on Internet which provides resources and other relevant information for better education.

Advantages of Communication

There are basically two types of communication (1) Oral or Verbal (2) Non verbal. Conflict can be reduced and stronger relationship can be achieved with the help of effective communicaiton.

Non verbal 

  1. It helps to communicate with deaf people.
  2. It also helps to communicate in silent zones.
  3. This type of communication helps to communicate with people who don't understand our language.

Verbal or oral 

  1. High level of understanding and transparency can be achieved in oral communication.
  2. Oral communication is very important for teamwork as well as group task.
  3. The decision can be made easily and quickly without any delay in this type of oral communication.
  4. In case of oral communication the feedback is spontaneous.
  5. It not only saves money and efforts but also saves time and energy.
  6. Oral communication is one of the best way to transfer private and confidential information within an organisation.

Disadvantages of communication

Non Verbal

  1. In non verbal type of communication we cannot have long conversation with people in our organisation our company.
  2. Sometimes it is very difficult to discuss the particulars of the message in non verbal communication.
  3. This type of communication cannot be used as a public tool for communication.
  4. This type of nonverbal communication is not preferred by everybody as it creates very less impression upon listeners or people.

Oral or Verbal

  1. We know that oral communication is time saving but sometimes in case of meetings and long speeches  it consumes lots of time and unproductive at times.
  2. Sometimes there may be misunderstanding during transferring or sharing information in oral communication with people.
  3. We cannot rely on oral communication as it is very less authentic  than written communication and not be sufficient as business communication is concerned.
  4. Accountability and permanent record is very difficult to maintain in oral communication compared to written communication.



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