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Teacher Interview Questions


Teaching Candidate


Question No 1:  Why do you want to teach?

Question No 2: Tell me about your philosophy of education?

Question No 3: When students are having difficulty learning various concept regading education then  what do you do?

Question No 4: Describe your style of teaching.

Question No 5: Would you like to be involved in community or school related activities?

Question No 6: What do you plan to be doing in five years and What are your career goals?

Question No 7: Describe your student teaching and  other experiences working with children.

Question No 8: What was your biggest problem in student teaching and how do you resolve it?

Question No 9: How do you personalize your teaching?

Question No 10: What techniques would you use to keep students actively involved and motivated during a lesson?

Question No 11: What methods do you use for classroom management?

Question No 12: When students finish their assignments early

Question No 13: What coursework has contributed most to your being a competent teacher?

Question No 14: How would you utilize teacher aide and parent volunteers?

Question No 15: Are parent-teacher conferences important?

Question No 16: What materials have you used that you find most effective for students with special needs?

Question No 17: Why should our school district hire you over another candidate?

Question No 18: Describe an ideal classroom according to you?

Question No 19: Describe the types of quizzes and tests that you give to students.

Question No 20: A student is consistently comes late to your class then How do you handle the situation?

Question No 21: What would you do if a student refused to do the work you assigned?


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