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Teacher Interview Questions


Head Teacher (Head of the Department)


Questions NO 1 : Please explain me about leadership in the context of your school?

Part 1 What theoretical approaches do you draw on?

Part 2 Who has influenced your understanding of leadership?

Part 3 What style of leadership do you practise?

Part 4 What leadership training have you .? 

Question No 2 What is your vision for your school?

Part 1 What are the goals of your school?

Part 2 What improvements you would like to make? 

Question No 3 What are the main leadership activities of your job?

Part 1 How do you plan and prioritize your tasks?

Part 2 What kind of annual planning do you have for your school? 

Question no 4  How do you work with the authorities?

Question no 5 How much freedom do you have as a head teacher?