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Teacher Interview Questions




Questions No 1 What would you do if a parent or relative of student comes to your class in extremely upset mood and says that his/her child had been treated unfairly during an incident at lunch at some day?

Questions NO. 2 How will you include parents in the educational process for the growth of student?

Questions No 3 What do you expect from a principal ?

Questions No 4 Why did you chose teaching and not other field as a career?

Questions No 5 How do you feel about inclusion please explain?

Questions No 6 What techniques do you use for behavior management in your classroom?

Questions No 7 How would you develop a writing curriculum for our school?

Questions No 8 What if you had a child in your class who was on medication and his behavior was regressing.

Questions No 9 Why should we hire you?

Questions No 10 How would you writing curricula?

Questions No 11 What are some of your favorite children's books?

Questions No 12 Describe the effective discipline or classroom management program you would establish if we hire you.

Questions No 13 What are your discipline techniques?

Questions No 14 Are there learning centers in your classroom?

Questions No 15 How do you organize math and science yearly and daily schedules? 

Questions No 16 What do you want to accomplish as a teacher?

Questions No 17 How will you determine what your students' attitudes and feelings are about your class?

Questions No 18 How do you decide what it is that should be taught in your class?



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