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Teacher Interview Questions


Daycare Pre-School


Question No 1-What are your hours?
Question No 2-What are your fees?
Question No 3-Do you charge for days my child is absent due to illness or vacation?
Question No 4-Do you have paid holidays? If so what ones?
Question No 5-Do you have paid sick days? If so how many? How many days were you unable to provide care last year due to illness?
Question No 6-Do you have paid vacations? How many days per year?
Question No 7-Do you have a sub when you are not able to provide care, or am I expected to arrange for substitute care?
Question No 8-How many years have you been a licensed provider?
Question No 9-Are you (or your employees) certified in CPR and First Aid?
Question No 10-What other continuing education classes have you (or your employees) taken in the past year or two?
Question No 11-When you use a helper, who is your helper and what are his/her responsibilities? What is that person's relationship to you?
Question No 12-Do you ever leave your helper alone with the children?
Question No 13-How many children do you have on a regular basis?
Question No 14-What are their ages?
Question No 15-Can you tell me what a typical day is in your daycare home/center?
Question No 16-Can you show me where the children play during the day?
Question No 17-Do the infants play in the same area?
Question No 18-If so, how are they kept safe from toys meant for older children?
Question No 19-How often and how much time are infants in playpens, walkers, or infant seats?
Question No 20-Do you schedule an infants feedings or do you feed on demand?
Question No 21-Do you hold infants when you feed them or do you prop bottles?
Question No 22-Do you ever put an infant to bed with a bottle?
Question No 23-How often do you change infants? Do you have some sort of schedule for this?
Question No 24-Who is allowed to hold infants and toddlers?
Question No 25-Where does an infant spend most of his/her day?
Question No 26-Do you take the children outside? When and how often? Do you use sunscreen? Do we supply?
Question No 27-How are the infants and other children supervised? (Both indoors and out)
Question No 28-What are you illness policies?
Question No 29-Under what circumstances do you call parents when their child becomes ill or injured?
Question No 30-May I have a list of references? Do these include both past and present clients?
Question No 31-Do you have a preschool program? Tell me about a typical preschoolers day.
Question No 32-What sort of structured activities do you have for the children?



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