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Objectives of Supply chain management (SCM)

Some of the objectives of Supply chain management are as follows. So let us find out some information of SCM to know more about it.

Objectives of SCM are as follows :

  1. SCM helps in improving quality.
  2. SCM helps to reduce transportation cost.
  3. Supply chain management reduces warehousing cost.
  4. SCM helps to minimize time.
  5. SCM improves pipeline visibility.
  6. Supply chain management improves visibility demand.
  7. Competitiveness and efficiency increases with the use of supply chain management.
  8. System orientation.
  9. Service orientation.
  10. Supply chain management minimize work in progress.
  11. Some more information on Advantages and disadvantages of supply chain management to know more on SCM

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Full Form of DNA

Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA)  is a molecule which helps to carry most of the genetic instructions or information in functioning, development and reproduction of almost all kinds of living organisms which is present in nearly all living organisms. DNA can be said as a carrier of genetic information. (Other full form related to DNA such as RNA and other similar terms are also available.)

Process Validation Stages process qualification two

In the Process Validation during second stage that is process qualification some more points are taken into account which are  discussed below. So let us see some points one by one:

During process performance qualification the actual facilities, utilities and equipment are checked whether they are qualified or not.

The personnel operating various equipment are trained or not is checked.

The  procedure which are performed are as per standard procedure is verified and checked.