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Teacher Interview Questions


Instructional Skills


Question No 1-Describe the teaching techniques or strategies that are most effective for you.
Question No 2-How would you include cooperative learning in your classroom?
Question No 3-How would you identify the special needs of your students?
Question No 4-What do you include when you write learning objectives?
Question No 5-What techniques do you use to keep students actively involved during a lesson?
Question No 6-What methods would you use to assess student learning?
Question No 7-Describe different student learning styles and how you adjust lessons to benefit those differing styles.
Question No 8-Do you feel that the teacher should be responsible for developing objectives or should they be provided in the curriculum?
Question No 9-How do you deal with the unmotivated student?
Question No 10-Is drill and practice important? How and when would you use it?
Question No 11-What would you do if 50% of your class did poorly on a test?
Question No 12-What do you see as the relative strengths and weaknesses of norm-referenced tests?
Question No 13-How would you use authentic assessment?



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