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How to transfer money online from HDFC to SBI Netbanking

Let us find out how to transfer money online from HDFC bank to SBI bank. You can trasfer money instantly within seconds , no need to add beneficiary and to wait for 24 hrs for approval.

You need to follow six simple steps in order to transfer money from hdfc to sbi or any bank accounts within seconds - instantly or quickly

  1. Go to google play store and download official HDFC Mobile App. (App 1)
  2. Download another mobile app. Click here (App 2)
  3. Now go to HDFC Mobile App (App 1) - Check Accounts section and generate MPIN (You will shortly receive 4 digit mpin number to your registered mobile number or email)
  4. Now find Change MPIN (APP 2) from the top left corner and generate new MPIN (Enter 4 digit mpin you received and enter to APP 2 and reset mpin)
  5. After MPIN (App 2) verfiication Click on PAY option  and go to OTHERS and click on Account number & IFSC Code  section Add details of SBI or Any other bank. 
  6. After adding details the account number will display on OTHERS page. Click on it and send money instantly. (you can send 10,000  at a time and upto 60,000 in a day)

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