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Email Marketing - Advantages and Disadvantages

Email For Marketing - List of Advantages and Disadvantages of Email For Marketing. So let us check list of advantages and disadvantages of email for marketing of various products online.

List of Advantages of Email For Marketing are:

  1. Email is one of the effective way to reach customers easily.
  2. Well designed templates containing information of products can be send by email to attract customers.
  3. Offers and discounts details is made available to customers on daily basis by email service.
  4. Customers do not check websites regularly but they often check their mails, hence they can easily check various offers and discounts on products in their mail box.
  5. Easy to share information with customers.
  6. For marketing purpose email can be send to millions of people at a time within seconds with paid email service.
  7. Low cost service.
  8. Easy to collect feedback of their products or services.
  9. Email marketing helps to communicate quickly with their subscribers to generate leads. 
  10. Customers can easily unsubscribe email alerts if they wish.
  11. With email marketing everything can be tracked, who clicked on certain links can be measure which is useful for business.

List of Disadvantages of Email For Marketing are:

  1. For marketing of products or services effectively, more number of email addresses are required.
  2. Sometimes mail goes to spam folder, customer may or may not visit those mails.
  3. Sometimes mail sent to customers more than 2 to 3 times a day may irritates a customer, as a result he may unsubscribe the email alerts.

These are some of the advantages and disadvantages of email for marketing of various products online on Internet.


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