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Internet Shopping - Advantages and Disadvantages

Internet - Some advantages and disadvantages of internet in online Shopping are as follows. Online shopping for clothes, fashion, shoes, electronics and for business is possible on internet.

Various advantages of internet in online shopping

  1. On Intenet - Online shopping saves time.
  2. Online shopping saves fuel as no need to reach store.
  3. Internet store is open 24x7 for shopping online products.
  4. On internet infinite choices of products are available for shopping.
  5. With internet one can compare prices of different products for online shopping.
  6. Via internet - Easy payment option with Credit cards or debit cards or other methods.
  7. Discounts of various products on internet during online shopping as there is lots of competition of products on online stores.

Various disadvantages of internet in online shopping

  1. On internet one cannot try clothes, shoes or other products for shopping.
  2. With Internet one cannot check product personally.
  3. Sometimes on internet shopping it takes 2  to 3 days or more to reach products at your place.
  4. Not 100% online stores are genuine, there are some fraud websites which do not deliver ordered products. 

These are some of the points on advantages and disadvantages of using internet for online shopping...

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