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How to track my husband's car without him knowing

To answer how to track my husband's car without him knowing, following are some of the methods to be followed.

  1. Method 1 : One of the widely used method to track a car is to use GPS car tracking device. Its a tiny device which is easy to hide or install in a car.It is easy to locate his car from any computer or smart phones having internet connection. If gps device is already installed to a car then with help of special software it becomes easy to track your husband's car.
  2. GPS car tracking is one of the safest and cheapest method which is widely used now a days.
  3. Method 2 : Use spy mobile software - Install  it into your spouse's cell phone and track it from your phone by installing special software to your mobile.
  4. There are several free phone tracking apps available on internet which can also be used to track your husband's car.

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