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Definition of Hardware and Software

Definition of Hardware and Software: The computer System is consist two major elements - Hardware and Software - to carry out assigned task. 

Hardware and Software can be defined as:

  • Hardware can be defined as devices that are required to store and execute the software.
  • Software can be defines as collections of instructions of functions that enables the user to interact with the computer.
  • Input device, Output Device, Storage Device, Processing Device and Control Device are the tyeps of Hardware.
  • System Software and Programming software are the types of Software.
  • Monitor, Printer, Scanner are the examples of Hardware.
  • Microsoft Word, Microsoft Office , Acrobat reader are the examples of Software.
  • The functioning of hardware starts only after software is loaded.
  • Software is installed into the hardware to deliver set of instructions.
  • We can touch hardware, it is physical in nature.
  • We cannot touch software, it is intangible and logical in nature.

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