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Advantages and Disadvantages of Water Transport

Some of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Water Transport are listed below. So let us check it out some of the information one by one.

Some of the Advantages of water transport are :

  1. Water transport is best suitable for bulky and heavy goods and is a relatively economical mode of transport.
  2. This type of transport has large carrier capacity.
  3. Water transport in one of the cheapest mode of transportation.
  4. Shipping container can also be used for further mode of transport such as rail or road.
  5. Water transport does not require any special infrastructure such as roads or airports
  6. It is one of the safe mode of transportation with respect to occurrence of accidents.
  7. Brings many countries together and plays and important role in international trade.

Some of the Disadvantges of water transport are :

  1. Water transport is slow and takes longer time for delivery.
  2. In water transpot it becomes difficult to track and monitor exact location of goods in transit.
  3. Transfer to ships takes time.
  4. No door to door service in water transport.
  5. There is huge capital expenditure and high maintenance cost involved in water transportation.
  6. Special packing required for water transportation.
  7. Transportation is limited to certain geographic areas.
  8. To pay taxes and port duties.
  9. Water transport can only used when sufficient water is available.
  10. During storm if boat gets into it, then it becomes difficult to rescue it.

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