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Email In Healthcare - Advantages and Disadvantages

Email in Healthcare - Overview of Advantages and Disadvantage of Email in Healthcare are as follows. So let us check it out some advantages and disadvantages of using email in healthcare.

Overview of Advantages of Email in Healthcare are:

  1. Email is an easy and convenient way to communicate between hospital staff.
  2. Email is also useful tool of communication within staff of  pharmaceutical industry as mobile phones in not allowed in some pharma industries.
  3. Email helps to exchange data and the results of analysis.
  4. Email is an effective and quickest way to communicate as internet access is mostly available within healthcare office.
  5. Easy to recall previous conversation to check previous data using email. 
  6. Sometimes doctors or physicians communicates with patient using email to build relationship.
  7. Email is useful to book appointment schedules or to order test results.

Overview of Disadvantages of Email in Healthcare are:

  1. During emergency mobile phones is more effective way to communicate than email.
  2. Person away from computer cannot communicate with email.
  3. Lack of non - verbal clue in taking history of patients.
  4. Miscommunication and diagnostic error using email. Lack of personal touch.
  5. Inability to perform physical examination of patient.
  6. Medical advice is more effective when patient meets personally compare to consultation on email.

These are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using email for healthcare.


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