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Internet Wireless - Advantages and Disadvantages WiFi Internet

Internet Wireless Network - List of Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet using wireless Network connection. Let us see some advantages and disadvantages of wireless internet connection which are as follows:

Some of the Advantages of wireless Internet:

  1. No need to stick at one place, You can carry laptop and can use internet in the surrounding area.
  2. More than one device can be accessed with wireless internet connection.
  3. Cheaper than wired connection as no wires are required.
  4. You can carry WiFi enabled device to other location and can use internet at that location.
  5. Megastores, Airports, Shops , Hotels , Theatres etc uses wireless internet connection to benefit customers.

Some of the Disadvantages of wireless Internet:

  1. Speed of wireless internet connection is sometimes slow compared to wired connections. 
  2. More than one people can also use wireless internet connection hence it should be password protected.
  3. Sometimes bad weather slows down internet speed due to lack of proper WiFi signals (frequency).
  4. The network is less stable compared to wired network to access internet.

These are few advantages and the disadvantages of wireless internet connection over wired internet connection.


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