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How to prevent car theft at home ?

Answer on  How to prevent Car theft at home are discussed below. Let us check out steps to prevent car theft at home.

  1. Use GPS tracking device for tracking your car. Install it and monitor a car from your computer or smart phone , Once the car starts it will start showing the exact location so it becomes easy to locate thief.
  2. Always keep track of your keys and secure your vehicle or a car by parking it intelligently.
  3. Hide your belonging in your car. Bags, coats or any other valuable belonging attracts thief, so its better to hide it.
  4. Use security equipment into your car. Security system comes with an alarm so if someone tries to steal it , it will start ringing.
  5. Lock all your doors and always go for paid parking. It will reduce the chances of being stolen.
  6. Do not keep spare keys in a car, it becomes easy for thief to steal a car by breaking windows of a car.
  7. Always park in a safe area or garage it if possible.

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