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Email Compared To Telephone - Advantages and Disadvantages

Email Compared To Telephone -  The Advantages and Disadvantages of Email compared to telephones are as follows. So let us find out advantages and disadvantages of email over telephone to know more about email.

About Advantages of Email Compared to Telephone

  1. Email can be checked at your convenient time while you have to pick phone call during busy hours.
  2. Email is quicker than phone call. 
  3. Email can be send to multiple user at a time while in phone call you can talk properly to only single person at a time.
  4. Files and data in word file or pdf file can be sent by email which is rich in information while during phone call all the thing cannot be discussed.
  5. Email address is easy to remember compared to phone numbers.
  6. Once message is sent you can revisit and can check your  previous conversation in your mail box. 
  7. Email service is usually cheaper than telephone service.

About Disadvantages of Email Compared to Telephone

  1. Internet access is necessary while telephone do not required internet access.
  2. Takes time to write messages while telephone is instant process.
  3. During emergency telphone is better compared to email.
  4. Person may or may not check mailbox often but he will pick phone instantly.
  5. Telephone is better to solve or discuss specific topic for instant result while in email you have to send lots of email to get final result.
  6. For customer support telephone care is much more effective than email service.

These are some of the advantages and the disadvantages of email compared to telphone.


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