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Difference Between Hardware and Software

The Difference between Hardware and software. We know that both hardware and software are very important and necessary for a computer  to perform a particular job and both are complimentary to each other. There is a close connection between them but they both work in different ways to carryout defined function.

Hardware and Software Difference:

  • Hardware can be considered as tangible you can touch it, while software cannot be seen and touched , it is intangible
  • Hardware can be "Wear out" while software cannot.
  • We know that software cannot be executed without the use of hardware.
  • Hardware cannot perform assigned task without software.
  • Software can be defined as a set of instructions that tells as computer what to do exactly.
  • Hardware  can be defined as physical parts of computer that cause processing of data.
  • If there is any problem in software it is debugged.
  • If there is any problem in hardware it is repaired.
  • If the problem in software is not solved then it can be reinstalled.
  • If the problem of hardware is not solved then it can be replaced.
  • Computer processor, operating system , inerpreter are the types of software.
  • Mother board, keyboard, Mouse, Hard Drive, display, DVD, Speakers Sound Card, Video Card, Power Supply are the kinds of Hardware.